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Chef Justin Cherman Spearheads Culinary Program at One Wingate Way

Chef Justin Cherman Spearheads Culinary Program at One Wingate Way
At One Wingate Way, Chef Justin Cherman is using his culinary expertise to reinvent the dining experience in independent living.

As the director of dining services at the new independent living community, One Wingate Way, he is experimenting with new dishes to create a unique menu. With an emphasis on culinary ingenuity, dishes he creates for residents are seasonal, flavorful, and free of excess fat and sugars. “I’m passionate about overturning any preconceived notions about assisted or independent living food by serving fresh, quality food you’d find in any restaurant,” Chef Cherman boasted.

With years of culinary experience, Chef Cherman isn’t a newcomer to the food scene. He was trained at The Culinary Institute of America and has been working in restaurants since 2005. He maintains a cooking blog called Stories of a Chef, whose theme is creating memorable tastes. He’s already spreading his knowledge and love of food by gifting residents bottles of his own herb-infused olive oil.

One Wingate Way’s state-of-the-art kitchen is the perfect environment for him to create memorable tastes. The kitchen features a 700-degree pizza oven, induction cooktop and steam system electric griddle. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, we invite you to try one of Chef Cherman creations.