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A Message from Scott Schuster

A Message from Scott Schuster
Dear Wingate colleagues,

I know how busy all of us in the nursing home and senior living business are, but in light of both Nurses and Nursing Home Week, I would like to take a moment to recognize each and every one of you.

The theme this year is “Sharing Our Wisdom.” So instead of sharing my “wisdom” with you, I wanted to thank YOU for everything you have taught me over the past couple of months. It all starts with compassion and courage. And you’ve taught me that it can come in all shapes and size, in acts both big and small, and sometimes when we are least expecting it. You have all made me incredibly proud, sincerely humbled, and you have left me profoundly grateful and forever changed.

I am proud to work alongside the compassionate and courageous men and women of Wingate. From the front lines to the back office, I have witnessed an unfailing commitment to serve our residents and patients through a selfless dedication to duty. I personally have received hundreds of messages of support and thanks for our efforts from government officials, financial partners and family members, who sincerely appreciate all we have done to try to protect our most vulnerable population.

As an industry and a healthcare provider, what we do is often under-appreciated or overlooked by many. I have taken every opportunity offered to me to remedy that. I know for a fact that our leadership and our staff on the frontlines have put the health and safety of their residents first, taking not only the mandated precautions but going above and beyond to keep the virus at bay. And when this pandemic passes, I am sure that all that we have done will be properly recognized.

The Wingate way is to “figure it out” and “get it done,” and believe me you have exceeded expectations. For those who have had a family member living with us or being cared for by us, they know the lengths you go to every single day to ensure the health and safety of their loved ones.

So please take a moment to congratulate yourselves and each other on the work you do every day. Whatever your role at Wingate, know that YOU MATTER! And when the crisis has passed, I look forward to being able to look all of you in the eye, shake your hand, give you a big hug and say THANK YOU! YOU ARE OUR HEROES!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing all of your wisdom and knowledge with me. Thank you for your compassion and courage throughout this extraordinary time.

With my sincerest gratitude and appreciation,

Scott Schuster
Chief Executive Officer