Memory Care at Wingate

The Neighborhood provides residents and families with memory care programming that is person-centric and tailored to best meet the needs of each individual under Wingate’s care. Customized care plans are designed to improve quality of life for residents living with memory-related illnesses and incorporate over 25 years of experience and best practices learned across our communities.

Select Wingate locations offer the following specialty programs within The Neighborhood:

Namaste CareTM

Meaning to “honor the spirit within,” The Neighborhood’s Namaste Care Room provides quality-of-life programming for residents with advanced Dementia. Alongside trained care providers, residents in the Namaste Program engage in meaningful daily activities that promote quality of life, including music therapy, aromatherapy, massage, passive range of motion exercises and Read Aloud instructing.

Certified Music Therapy

The Neighborhood’s Certified Music Therapy program provides large group, small group and individualized programming to help improve the daily life of residents coping with the difficult effects of a memory impairment. Music therapy serves as a redirection tool, a calming agent, a memory enhancer, a common ground between families, a mood lifter, a pain reducer, and gives the resident an opportunity to have successful experiences and be seen for their abilities not their disability. While not all Wingate locations have an on-site Certified Music Therapist, best practices and programming are shared across throughout our communities.

Vigorous Mind

The Neighborhood within select Assisted Living communities features Vigorous Mind, a web-based brain wellness and user engagement platform for seniors with memory-related illnesses. Residents participate in exercises that include stress-reducing reminiscence activities to promote cognitive fitness and social engagement. Specialized, tailored tools help calm anxiety and allow families to stay involved with residents in a comforting environment.

Allen Cognitive Level Assessment

Residents of The Neighborhood locations within our Skilled Nursing communities are comprehensively evaluated by all disciplines through the Allen Cognitive Level Assessment to identify their best ability to function. By completing this assessment, trained staff can minimize residents’ learned dependence upon caregivers, improving their dignity and quality of life, and decreasing agitation and anxiety. This assessment also helps to establish appropriate person-centered, leisure activities that can be successful with the resident’s current cognitive function.

The Neighborhood can be found at the following Wingate locations::

Services may vary by location and are subject to change. Contact your community to learn more.