Memory Care at Wingate

The Neighborhood is specifically designed for residents who have progressed beyond the early stages of cognitive decline. We place an emphasis on dignity and self-confidence of the resident, while providing assistance with physical daily living routines, as well as intellectually stimulating activities in social and individual settings.

The Three W’s Program

Wingate’s signature memory care program is focused on a holistic approach to caring for the whole person. Wingate Wisdom, Wellness and Warmth provide each resident with purposeful activities for intellectual stimulation, movement and spirituality. The cornerstone of the three s is to enhance engagement and self-confidence, while maximizing the preservation of cognitive functions and functional abilities. The program is made up of three important components:

Wingate Wisdom

Providing purposeful activities to stimulate the mind, offering avenues for memory recall, engagement and socialization. Some of the activities may include:


Technology utilized by Wingate Healthcare to promote person-centered programming to spark thinking with content designed to improve memory, attention, language and executive and visual spatial brain function. This technology is used to engage residents with tools that support and encourage healthy, happy and calm emotional well-being. It connects residents with each other, staff and family members with easy access to familiar internet and communication applications. It encourages movement and activity with videos, content and activities ideal for fun, exercise or therapy. Moreover, it supports a diverse range of faith groups and personal worship preferences with hundreds of spiritual experience applications.


Designed to help participants explore and develop their interests in specific art forms and movements. The Artist Inside will immerse our residents in hands-on art projects and engage them in discussions of photography, pottery, watercolors, painting, poetry and more.


Sensory-based program that is proven to be very effective in stimulating emotions and memories in people living with dementia. In our Cooking Up a Memory program, we will engage residents in the sensory experience of cooking and baking to stimulate the mind, facilitate reminiscence, enhance memories and improve mood.

Wingate Wellness

Providing exercise and movement to promote strength, fall prevention, balance and independence. The Wingate Wellness program additionally enhances the dining experience and maximizes the diet for improving brain health. Some of the programs include:


Purposeful exercise and movement for balance, strength, fun and quality of life for those with memory loss.


Safe mobility and maximizing independence is a core feature of our programming. Wingate Wellness components will focus on strengthening, endurance and balance therapies to promote ongoing safe mobility for the present and the future.


Wingate’s Mindful Dining has two key components:

  • The Dining Experience: the environment is designed to maximize intake and of nourishing meals and hydration. Details such as colors of dishes, environmental stimulation and seating preferences are taken into consideration by our cognitive experts.
  • Our chef-prepared meals are created by our cognitive experts, with our residents’ needs at the forefront. Omega-3, antioxidants, vegetables, leafy greens and proteins are all part of a healthycognitive diet.


Wingate Warmth

Nurturing the soul and provides purposeful activities tailored to individual needs of residents and their families. We believe families are an integral part of our culture and feel strongly to include them in our plans of care.


The Neighborhood’s Namaste Program provides life-enriching activities that touch the mind, body and spirit for residents with advanced dementia. Alongside trained caregivers, residents in the Namaste Program engage in music therapy, aromatherapy, massage and other sensory-based experiences.


Music therapy has been proven to enhance cognitive functioning, motor skills, communication, sensory stimulation and increase quality of life for people with memory loss. Using a diverse array of music, our individualized therapy approach, Music for One, provides each resident with their own personalized playlist, allowing them to connect with their favorite songs to help spark memories and improve mood.


Services which cater to each individual’s religious values and core beliefs. These programs vary from outside services from local religious institutions to specialty prepared meals and celebrations.


We recognize that families of loved ones that have memory impairment are coping with losses as well. Wingate provides support groups, resources and education relative to the families who are also going through these difficult changes.

The Neighborhood can be found at the following Wingate locations::

Services may vary by location and are subject to change. Contact your community to learn more.